About Theblindeye:

ビジョンのすべてを凌駕していること。万華鏡を制御していること。スピリットアイズ。 That simple legacy turned into a grand legend, to be told for generations to come.


Itachi Uchiha

"Sasuke...This was not my intention." Itachi Uchiha イタチ サスケ Attributes: Fire Age: 32 Date of Birth : August 16 Rank: Jonin Bingo Book:b S-Rank Affiliation: Haka Partner: Style: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu Favorite Techniques: Fireball Jutsu, Tsukayomi Fireball Jutsu Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu Fire Style: Phoenix Flame Jutsu Fire Style: Firestorm Fire Style: Eternal Fire (Genjutsu) Fire Tornado Jutsu Bubbles (Genjutsu) Bad Dream (Genjutsu) Susano'o Amaterasu Summoning Technique (Raven) Soulbane

Haka|墓 Partner: None "For all I have realized I have created a curse on the village. The wrong message went to you. For you seek the oppososite of me. And have become a Bane in existence. While I sit in exile, at your defeat. Murder is what you seek. You used to be Innocent and sweet. I have made a mistake. Now in rebirth. I must finish this. I must undo what I have done."